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The Water Jar: Conversations from The Well

Nov 13, 2018

The Water Jar welcomes Joanne Kuster and Mary Shell, the mother daughter team who created the fabulous faith-based lifestyle blog Joanne and Mary both live in the greater Des Moines area and aim to connect busy women with new ideas, amazing stories, and tips to make our lives intentional, meaningful and rewarding.

Advent begins on Sunday, December 2nd, so we also look forward to the gift of Advent with Joanne and Mary.  They share ideas on how to live an intentional, purposeful Advent. Rachel Brown also stops by and shares practical wisdom in her Drop by Drop segment.

Time Stamp for Each Segment

  • 1:49: How Lisa's scheduling gaffe can serve as a good reminder for the coming Advent season.
  • 5:04: Part 1 with Joanne and Mary from the Root and Bloom Forever blog: Family, Food & Finances!
  • 23:40: Drop by Drop with Rachel Brown: The Important Thing
  • 29:07: Part 2 with Joanne and Mary: Living an intentional, purposeful Advent

Resources Mentioned

Joanne's Money Godmother Blog

Mary's Food Science Secrets Blog

Children's Books Joanne mentioned:

The Advent/Christmas booklist Lisa mentioned can be found here.


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