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The Water Jar: Conversations from The Well

Feb 26, 2018

  1. How do you know when God is speaking to you in prayer?
  2. What are some helpful postures for mental prayer?
  3. Does Mass "count" as daily mental prayer?

Call To Action

In times of discernment, we can wonder if it's truly God's voice we're hearing during prayer. In these moments of desolation, confusion, apathy, anger --- that is, any emotion moving us away from peace and consolation --- ask two questions:

  1. Am I praying daily?
  2. Am I being generous to others?

If the answer to either question is no, there's your call to action. Get back to a regular prayer routine by spending at least 15 minutes in daily mental prayer. Also double down in being generous with others. These two actions will help us move toward faithfulness with God during our discernment process.


  • Do you have a tally chart to keep track of each time Katie mentions Fr. Jacque Philippe? :) He makes an appearance once again. This time Katie recommends his book Searching for and Maintaining Peace along with the previously mentioned Time for God: A Guide to Prayer as two excellent spiritual reads. These books together touch on the two keys of spiritual life: 1) prayer and 2) how we dispose ourselves to the Holy Spirit to maintain the peace He gives us. 
  • To dive deeper into discernment of spirits, explore
  • Lectio Divina, or “divine reading” is a traditional way of listening and talking with God through Scripture. Learn more about the four steps of lectio divina here.
  • We've been meaning to say a word about our bumper music. Isn't that song fun? It's called "The Well" (simply perfect, right?!) by the delightful J.J. Heller. Her music is a calming soundtrack to accompany daily life. 



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