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The Water Jar: Conversations from The Well

Mar 27, 2019

The Well is reading, reflecting on, and discussing the book Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Philippe throughout the 2019 Lenten season. In this episode, we discuss pages 37-50 covering chapters 5-10.

Fr. Jacques states the measure of our interior peace will be that of our abandonment in God. So what do we do when we're unable to abandon ourselves? “Abandon yourself anyway!” Fr. Jacques implores.

Well ... how?! What does that look like?

In this episode, the podcast team talks about how abandonment is not natural, yet it is a grace to be asked of from God. The ladies share on a variety of topics from opening "dirty laundry rooms" for Jesus, allowing the Good Shepherd to lead us to the restful waters from Psalm 23, how to journey with loved ones who are suffering, and rendering our hearts at the foot of the cross.

This Week’s Prayerful Invitation

One of the most beautiful expressions in the Bible of confident abandonment into the hands of God is found in Psalm 23. By using guided imagery prayer as discussed in this episode, this week's invitation is to pray with Psalm 23 and allow the Good Shepherd to lead us to those restful waters where we shall not want for anything but God.